Record keeping that improves your trading

If you capture a record of all your trading activities faithfully and with complete honesty it will become THE most valuable trading tool you have in your possession. Here’s why: It will let you clearly see your strengths and weaknesses at a glance. Once you’ve built up a reasonable bank of trading data you can […] [...]

Extra exits for extra profits

Let me tell you about ‘scaled exits’. Now let me be clear, scaled exits are nothing new. It’s not some cutting edge technique I’ve just invented. You’ll read about the old masters of trading scaling out of their trades, they were doing it a hundred years ago or more. And scaling has always been a […] [...]

5 first-steps for brand new traders

If you’ve been trading for a while you’ll know it’s possible to trade comfortably from home around a day-job… And, if I have been doing my job properly, you’ll know my material — both on the Trader’s Nest website, and inside my members-only products — is very much geared towards simple and clear explanations of […] [...]

The truth about trading and gambling

  So, you’re headed to the casino and your plan is to make a stack of £5k at the roulette table. In fact, this is how you plan to support yourself on a permanent basis from now on. What do you think your chances of gambling your way to £5k actually are? It’s possible I […] [...]

5 mistakes that kill good trades

I remember it very well. Autumn 2006. It was a Friday. Rumours were circulating of big stop orders on the current T-Bond market price and the big players were going to go after them. All I had to do was jump in and get involved too. The information was solid, they DID go after those […] [...]

Two “Power-Habits” That Every Trader Needs

So last week we looked at the 7 ‘meta-habits’ I believe are essential for effective trading. They were: 1) Respecting that the market is never wrong 2) Trading for consistency instead of accuracy 3) Keeping your expectations realistic 4) Sticking at it! 5) Knowing when not to trade 6) Always position-sizing your trades 7) Taking […] [...]