The secret of Satan’s Airbag

There’s a water sports centre near where I live – a big lake where you can go and learn to windsurf or sail. And at the end of the last school term (the children have broken up for summer hols now) there was a bit of a buzz going around amongst the parents about a new addition to the […] [...]

The draining impact of the pantomime villain

So, Usain Bolt – greatest sprinter the world has seen – ended his career with an underwhelming bronze medal in the 100m last Friday. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Where was the fairy tale final 1st place finish? Instead of Usain and his beaming grin, it was a twice-convicted American drug cheat who […] [...]

The unholy war of System V’s Strategy

A question comes in from a reader: Aren’t you contradicting yourself when you’re dissing off the peg “forex systems” at the very same time you’re promoting the use of them? It’s a fair point, and one that probably needs a bit of explanation. It’s easy to miss the subtle difference between ‘system’ and ‘strategy’ when […] [...]

Norman gulps down the bait and chokes

Back in the olden days, before iPhones and social media took over the world, the best way to chat to other traders was through internet forums. Now these forums were a bit hit and miss. Some of them were plagued with bullying and name-calling, some of them weren’t worth the pixels on your screen (full […] [...]

The worst market expert in the world

What could be more humiliating than constantly getting the answer wrong, in your own field of expertise, time-after-time? And not just getting things wrong, but doing so in a very public way, so everyone one can see exactly what it was you said would happen, and how wrong you actually were. Or even worse, something […] [...]

Olympic sack racing for beginners

It was my children’s school sports day yesterday… We were 13 races in, the sun was beating down, the parents were still jostling for best viewing position on the sidelines, and an announcement went out for the year 6 sack race. Now one particular boy has won this race – by a country mile – […] [...]

7 steps to winning the mental game of trading

I was flicking through an old trading journal of mine the other day. It’s a bit tattered around the edges, but those pages still contain absolute pearls of wisdom. And no…I’m not blowing my own trumpet too hard here. The notes I’d made were from when I was still trying to figure stuff out… I’d […] [...]

The ‘overclocking’ error that kills profits dead

A question comes in from a client… “I particular love the _______ approach but find that certain important market factors are out of the ________ analysis such as Volume and Currency strength. Don’t you think these two factors somehow should be added?” Now this is a common temptation. It’s so easy to take a proven […] [...]

Special Forces style battle planning

I was at a breakfast meeting once, and this ex-special forces guy gave a presentation on applying hardcore tactics to everyday business. One thing that really stuck in my mind – and immediately changed how I approached my trading – was the way they stay laser-focused on their missions… When the commanding officer is briefing […] [...]

My ‘sorting machine’ for finding great trading strategies

There’s no shortage of trading systems and strategies available for you to buy. And just like in any industry there are good products and bad products. Do some careful research before spending your money and you can pick up a great system off the shelf, so why even bother designing your own? Well, the commercial […] [...]