May 2017

The lost art of the simple swing

Today, I thought I’d walk you through a nice and simple Swing Trading technique. It’s a handy one to have in your arsenal if you can’t watch the screen because it uses the bigger timeframes… You can use it on the daily charts (handy if you like to monitor things in the evening) and it […] [...]

William Gann’s ‘supernatural’ school of trading

In 1909 a magazine called the Ticker and Investment Digest interviewed a mysterious investor named W.D. Gann. Gann had already achieved infamy and to get to the bottom of his methods, they decided to audit his trades in real-time over the space of a month. He made 286 trades. 264 were profitable and 22 were […] [...]

Burning knees take me back

I first set off trying to find my own way through the trading jungle, just like you probably have. I bought the books, followed the ‘gurus’, set about looking for the Holy Grail – you know, the ‘one system that rules them all’! But it was only when I stepped back and took a good […] [...]

How to spot a big reversal

What I’m going to talk about today is one of the first bits of technical analysis I ever used. I think I got the bones of it from one of Alexander Elder’s books but I’ve mixed in my own candlestick patterns. I’ve got an old hard drive at home with screenshots of my very first […] [...]

What to do with open trades over the weekend

Two days is a long time in trading. And when brokers close up for the weekend from late Friday evening, it can leave your trades open to sudden and wild swings in trading sentiment. It can make for a bit of a restless weekend! This was the exact situation a reader found himself in recently… […] [...]